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Introducing a new fantasy series at PJSmithbooks...

Just Jewell

The Royal Gemstone Book 1

Jewell's world consisted of the farm, her cruel aunt and a kind helper named Tegan until one day, the cat she thought dead at the hand of her cruel aunt returns, turning her life up-side-down.  Suddenly, Jewell finds herself on the run from Darkness while discovering Fae are real, other realms exist, and her true identity has been kept hidden her entire life.

Continuing the new fantasy series at PJSmithbooks...

Ebook - Just the Boyfriend 04(1).jpg

Just the Boyfriend

The Royal Gemstone Book 2

Staying hidden from Darkness is no easy task.  To remain safe until she's old enough to rule, Jewell and her Stones send themselves to a protected school where admittance comes at a price.  For the second time in her life, Jewell's identity and memories are hidden from her and she must find a way to reconnect with old friends, get her memories back and learn to live with predators of the night.

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